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Dirty Truth soap is good for the shower or by the sink. It cleans while also leaving your skin feeling soft & refreshed ⇨ because of science.

Ever have one of those things that you never would have thought of from the beginning, but looking back, it was the perfect summation of many avenues of your life converging at a nexus so that it all makes sense? For me it was my Dirty Truth. My autistic son has been a compulsive hand washer all his life.  When the pandemic hit, he felt vindicated as an expert handwasher, ahead of the game. But then he went overboard (even for him). He was washing so much & so aggressively that he was left with skin damaged to the point of requiring medical intervention. His doc gave him a lotion, but it left his hands feeling like they needed to be washed again. We needed a soap with a moisturizer built in.  Being a homeschooling family, we were always looking for a practical, hands on way to learn, and with him going through soap like water, it was clear that he needed to have a deeper appreciation for what goes into it. Developing a long lasting soap that moisturizes while also leaving you feeling clean was now my quest. 

Between tons of trial & error, scientific research & a bit of Forrest Gumping my way through, I came up with my unscented olive oil & goat’s milk soap that satisfied my toughest customer.

-Shoshona King

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